Shawarma Matic

Recognizing the local demand for high quality Shawarmas, Barakat Food Company has launched ‘Shawarma-Matic’, a food outlet solely dedicated to Shawarma lovers.

At ‘Shawarma-Matic’, we offer an unparalleled variety of delicious Shawarma recipes and meal combinations to our customers. Our mouth-watering meat flavors range from the authentic chicken and beef Shawarma recipes, to the internationally commended Turkish Doner Kebap and Tandoori varieties. Also, our customers are not limited to eat a specific bread type; they are given the option to choose from the fresh Lebanese or Saj flat breads, Samoun buns or crispy French style Baguettes.

Shawarma-Matic proudly boasts flavor combinations that have never been incorporated into Shawarmas before; Guacamole, Marinara Sauce, Sour cream and Pico de Gallo to name a few. Shawarma lovers can either stick to our menu recommendations or customize sandwiches to their personal liking.

This may be done by choosing their favorites from our full of flavor and high quality ‘basic’ and ‘premium’ toppings and sauces.

Depending on how hungry one is, we offer regular or XL sized sandwiches and meal platters. Our reasonably priced yet appetizing meals are a great value for money. The menu is not just confined to sandwiches; meat of one’s choice can also be combined with fresh rice, hummus or salads. One may also order some of our delectable sides such as fried pickle chips, Kibbeh balls or fried Halloumi bites. Those with a sweet tooth can put a perfect end to their meal by enjoying one of our savory and rich desserts choosing from Trifle, Mhalabiyeh or the house favorite Custard-matic.

We welcome you to visit Shawarma Matic. Our trained and courteous staff will be more than obliged to serve you unique and international flavors, customized to your liking and preference.

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