Mais Alghanim Cafeteria

Mais Alghanim has been proudly providing cafeteria services to the employees of Yusuf Alghanim & Sons Co. for over 60 years. Infact, Mais Alghanim was established in 1953 as a ‘mess’ ; duly known as Mess Alghanim. Through the provision of tasteful and quality food, this mess soon became a favorite meeting place for Alghanim employees, providing both eat in and take away services. To date, our cafeteria services successfully continue. The hardworking Alghanim employees are offered an elaborate menu of a variety of food and beverage selections, including delicious meals, snacks, fresh fruits, salads and desserts. The lunch menu offers meals prepared in 3 different cuisines, along with a healthy option for weight conscious employees. There is a dedicated Shawarma/Sandwich bar along with a Saj corner, where employees can order snacks of their own choice. Our cafeteria also operates outside of the lunch hours ; baked goods and hot and cold beverages are served and delivered to desk through out the day

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